Contact Information

ChemRite CoPac, Inc

19725 W. Edgewood Drive
Lannon, Wisconsin 53046

Todd Plier

VP Sales

David Schauer

Sales Representative

For Vendors

ChemRite CoPac values strong working relationships with all of our vendors. Quality ingredients and components supplied by reputable vendors make it possible for us to best serve our customers. To better assist you, please find a list of key ChemRite contacts below. Thank you for your service.

For inquiries on how to become a preferred ChemRite CoPac vendor, please contact:

Sharon Jansen – Purchasing Specialist

Kris Frailing – Purchasing Specialist

For accounts payable inquiries, please contact:

Linda Whitt – Controller

For certificate of analysis inquiries, please contact:

Kathy Miazga – Compliance Director

All raw material and component deliveries must be made via pre-scheduled dock appointments. To schedule a dock appointment, please contact:

Greg Wolken – Warehouse Manager